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  • Enter your address.

  • Instantly see a property tax analysis and home valuation to see if your property is potentially over-assessed.
  • Instantly see how much money could be saved if your property tax appeal is successful.
  • Review our tax calculation, detailed valuation methodology, and three preliminary comparables that we have selected for your property.

  • If appropriate, select different comparables if you feel they better reflect your property's value.

  • After paying our nominal fee you will be given the opportunity to further refine your property’s valuation.

  • Via a short wizard, we may ask you a few other questions required by your County’s property appeal form.

  • Our site will then automatically prepare your COMPLETED appeal form, a valuation document to include with the appeal and simple detailed instructions on how to proceed.

  • Per the instructions, sign the county appeal application form(s) and mail to the indicated address(es).


What happens after I send in the appeal?
This will vary by state, by county and even by municipality, but generally there are two potential outcomes:

  1. Your county or municipality assessor (or a representative of your county or municipality assessor) may contact you to attempt to settle (or stipulate) your appeal. In these unprecedented economic times, the number of property tax appeals is staggering, and the basis for re-assessment becomes more pronounced as the housing market continues its decline! We can only assume that these two factors will result in higher stipulation rates.

  2. Your county or municipality assessor may send you a date for you to present your case to a property tax appeals board. Do not be intimidated by this! Attend your hearing. Each case can run 5 to 15 minutes. If you have decent comparables and accurate information, you have a case.

Get it done in 5 minutes! We handle time-consuming legwork—getting the appropriate government paperwork, providing a preliminary property valuation per County instructions, and making sure you follow all the fine print (all the rules and procedures that the County has added to reduce the number of approved appeals.) Why EasyTaxFix



Pay only $0 to prepare your application and instantly receive:

  • Detailed comparable sales information with a proposed property valuation, customizable by You
  • A completed application for property reassessment
  • Peace of mind that all rules and procedures are followed
  • Convenience!

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