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Jersey’s Tax Appeal Revolution


North Jersey homeowners seek lower tax assessments


EasyTaxFix Featured on News12 New Jersey


N.J. county tax boards prepare for avalanche of appeals from homeowners as deadline looms (New Jersey)


Property Tax Revolt (National)


Property Tax Rebellion Brewing After Real Estate Collapse (National)


A Busy Year Expected for Tax Appeals in Central Jersey (New Jersey)


Homeowners Hold Ground Against Rising Property Taxes (New Jersey, National)


PRESS RELEASE: Nearly Half of New Jersey Residential Homeowners Should Appeal Their Property Tax Assessments, According to Analysis (New Jersey)


WHITE PAPER: Cook County Assessor's Office Raises Market Valuations 59% Despite Declining Market Conditions (Cook County) on Fox Business (National)


Using the Rout in Housing to Lower Taxes (National)


1 in 5 OC homes over-assessed, firm says; Thursday is the deadline to file a request for a property tax review (Orange County)


Orange County Homes Assessed Too High (Orange County)


Online Property Tax Appeal Service Expanded to Phoenix, AZ (Maricopa)


As Home Values Fall, Property Tax Revolt Brews (National)


Property Tax Appeals 101 (New Jersey)


Bad Housing Market Means More Tax Appeals (New Jersey)


April 1 Deadline Looming for Last-Minute New Jersey Property Tax Appeals (New Jersey)


Property Tax Appeal Help Available (New Jersey)


Owners of Jersey Shore Properties Can File Property Tax Appeals from Home (New Jersey)


Property Tax Appeal Deadline Looming for More than a Half Million NJ Homeowners (New Jersey)


Half-Million NJ Homeowners Could Miss Property Tax Appeal Deadline, Warns Expert (New Jersey)


29% of New Jersey Homeowners Should Appeal Property Tax Assessments, According to Analysis (New Jersey)


Over-Taxation Averages $1,919 per Affected Home New Jersey Property Tax Appeal Deadline is April 1st (New Jersey)

(See full study - New Jersey 2009) on Fox5 KSWB (San Diego) on CBS 47 KGPE (Fresno)

Assessing the situation (Fresno)

Homeowners overpaying property taxes (San Diego)

1 in 4 households over-assessed, savings up to $1,000 per year (San Diego)
200k SD homeowners overpaying taxes, yet only 15k appeals so far (San Diego)
An Appealing Site (San Diego)
Easy tax fix says new service saves homeowners $1,800 in just five minutes. (San Diego) Launches Website to Assist Homeowners File Property Tax Appeals

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Property tax appeal: Do you need an attorney? (New Jersey)


What is a property tax appeal? (New Jersey)


58,600 homes in Palm Beach County over-assessed, site says (Palm Beach County)


Over-assessed homes in Laguna may get 61% off taxes (Orange County)


Placentia called hotbed of inflated home assessments (Orange County) advises what you can do to avoid being over-assessed (New Jersey)


Want to Get your Property Taxes Lowered? Apply Now! (California)


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