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Manfred M, FL (Miami-Dade County)
2009 Appeal savings of $1,700

“I had no idea how to appeal my taxes. I decided to invest the $49 for your service and it was well worth it. When I went to court to appeal I was more prepared than most were. Only those that were represented by an attorney had any idea of what they were doing. I went unrepresented and with the information I obtained from Easy Tax Fix I was able to reduce my taxes by over $1,700 annually. I highly recommend this service.”


Ron S, IL (Cook County)
2009 Appeal savings of $2,200

“We live in one of the most expensive property tax districts (Cook County, IL) in the country and I was very skeptical about being able to do anything to get our rate reduced. We were researching hiring an attorney or agency to handle an appeal when your postcard showed up in the mail. I was very skeptical but figured it was worth a gamble given the nominal $49.95 fee. I spent a total of 40 minutes filling out forms and driving around my neighborhood with my camera phone taking pictures of comps suggested. We got the letter the other day saying our appeal was successful and our new annual rate is $2200 less. Tax appeal attorneys would have wanted a third of that in commission. This is by far the best investment I've made in a long time if not ever given the return on my $49.95.”


John P, New Jersey (Middlesex County)
2009 Appeal savings of $1,000

“As a Licensed Realtor and Certified Appraiser of 25 years, I found the site easy to use and ALWAYS recommend it to friends and clients as a STARTING POINT for helping home owners with tax appeals. Tax appeals ARE NOT easy to understand ,so GET Professional help if needed, but always start with EASYTAXFIX.COM when filing tax appeals. Making tax appeals easy. I'd give them the Noble Peace Prize for helping people reduce taxes.”


Diana R, New Jersey (Monmouth County)
2009 Appeal savings of $500

“Fast, easy, effective.”


Fiona W, New Jersey (Morris County)
2009 Appeal savings of $1500

“EasyTaxFix made filing my property tax appeal simple and straightforward. I saved a considerable sum of money and would recommend EasyTaxFix to anyone who is paying too much for property taxes.”


Bob W, New Jersey (Gloucester County)
2009 Appeal savings of $500

“Worth it's weight in gold!”


Kathleen L, New Jersey (Passaic County)
2009 Appeal savings of $900

“I was skeptical, like we all are, but I figured that I would be happy to save even $100, so I paid the $40 fee and ended up saving $900! I may try again this year!!”


Nicole R, New Jersey (Burlington County)
2009 Appeal savings of $1,200

“The information provided was very helpful and the application process was very easy to do. We hardly had to do any work! We saved $1200 on our taxes!”


Kevin F, San Diego
2008 Formal Appeal (prospective) savings of $1,276

“It was very fast and very easy. I first tried to do it myself but it was too complicated not having all the required information on the comparables. I got the form and tried to talk to some real estate people I know, but I couldn’t get the information and the form says that if you make a mistake they won’t even process it, so that scared me. Then I heard about EasyTaxFix on the radio so I decided to try it. You just type in your address and there it is.”


Dana T, San Diego
2008 Formal Appeal (prospective) savings of $2,200

“ is easy to use; there’s nothing complicated about it. What I liked the most about it was the convenience. When everything is at your fingertips, you are more likely to appeal your property tax than if you have to go down to the county offices, have an appraisal done, and file your own paperwork.”


Rodney L, San Diego
2008 Formal Appeal savings of $729

“I found it very easy to use and I was quite pleased overall. We’d been thinking about doing this for a while but just didn’t have time to go down to the county clerk’s office. I was also put off by another, similar service that charges $90. I went online and printed out the form and sent it in. It was very easy, very quick, and well worth it not to take off work to go down to the country clerk’s office. My time is valuable and I thought the price was very reasonable. After submitting the paperwork to the county, I saw a reduction of $729 in our annual property taxes.”


Erin S, San Diego
2008 Formal Appeal (prospective) savings of $1,325

“The preliminary valuation the site provided was very accurate. We actually had an appraisal done by the county and received a value very similar to the comps gave us.”


Gary S, San Diego
2008 Formal Appeal (prospective) savings of $2,300

“It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Kudos to you for coming up with such a great service. I’ll be especially happy when I get a reduction of $2,300 in savings!”


Marylin S, San Diego
2008 Formal Appeal savings of $1,700

“I used Easytaxfix and got the assessed value of my house reduced to the exact value Easytaxfix was suggesting. your service is awesome; it is inexpensive compared to all the other services I considered and it is very effective. Thanks again!”



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