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The Easy Tax Fix Service

Our Valuation Methodology


The Easy Tax Fix Service

Why should I pay for your service?

  1. Why would you pay a property lawyer tax lawyer up to 50% of your savings for something that you can do yourself, easily if you have the appropriate tools.

  2. We have done the research for you regarding your county’s or municipality’s property tax calculations, rates and detailed procedures to file an appeal.

  3. We assist you in valuing your property by providing County required information about comparable homes sold during the specific valuation period required for the appeal.

  4. We provide you the proper appeal forms and fill out these forms based on your input and county required specifications.

  5. We provide you detailed instructions on where to send the forms and supporting data and how to proceed with your appeal.

What are the chances I will win the appeal?
This depends on your county, your assessment and your case. EasyTaxFix users have responded to surveys indicating an assessment reduction close to 70% of the time.

What are the chances I will need to attend a hearing?
This will vary by area. We believe that counties DO NOT promote the fact that MOST appeals based on market value are settled (or “stipulated”) between the homeowner and the assessor before the hearing. The reality of the market conditions is that Counties are receiving thousands and thousands of appeals. They simply do not have time to hear every case. For clear-cut cases, it is within the County’s interest to settle.

Don't I need a lawyer?
For a residential, non-income producing property, NO, you DO NOT need a lawyer. The standard practice in the property tax appeal business has been to hire a lawyer who is paid out of the savings achieved —50% of the annual savings are pretty standard, and sometimes these contingency fees remain in effect over a couple of years. This means that with potential savings of $1,000-2,000 you could be paying $500-$1000 in fees for a couple of years. (Corporations or other business entities are encouraged to use our service to help identify comparables and prospective tax savings, but we recommend such entities do consult an attorney before filing an appeal.)

Why couldn't I just do this myself?
You are essentially doing this yourself by reviewing the proposed valuation and comparables, customizing or approving it based on your direct knowledge, and sending it in.

How long will this take?
You can have your documentation in a matter of minutes. To adequately prepare for a hearing some investment in your case—the county comps versus your comps it required.

Where does all the data come from? How can you know all this stuff?
We aggregate publically available data and make it readily available to you in one place — easy, legal, and inexpensive.

How is your service different than other services that claim they will reduce my taxes?
We do not file the application for appeal as your agent. We provide you the tools to quickly file the application yourself.

Do you guarantee that I will get the property tax savings indicated?
No. Valuation of your property for assessment purposes is determined by the government, so we can't guarantee that your valuation will be reduced or that the property tax you will be required to pay will decrease. Any service that says it offers such a guarantee is breaking the law; don't be misled.


Our Valuation Methodology

What is the goal here?
The goal is to get to the lowest defendable valuation of your property because your taxes are calculated based on this assessment.

What is your valuation methodology?
Many counties publish a recommended approach to this valuation. We are using it if they have provided a suggested methodology!

How do we select the three comparable properties we base your estimated tax savings on?
We use an algorithm that selects properties geographically and physically similar to yours and sold during the applicable valuation period.

Can I just use sites like Zillow, HomeValues or Trulia to get comps?
These sites offer comparable properties, but they may not fall into the appropriate time period required for your valuation.

What are the “adjustments”?
The “adjustments are consistent with typical adjustments made by Assessment Review Commission appraisers. They are not binding on either you or the County. You can override them.


Spend 5 minutes now and potentially save thousands!

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